My Dream

Why is Holly Conklin called an Angel ?

I have been called Angel or an angel by more mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and extended family members more times than I’ve been called by my real name, Holly Conklin. My company name started with my brother saying I was “an angel in training” because he felt as though the program that saved my life was staffed by “Angels in disguise”.  I can promise you it was because I was certainly no angel then and a very tough case for any treatment team. When I started doing interventions people I worked with kept calling me Angel, it stuck to me; henceforth, I became Holly Angel to many people. Since then, when I talk to people about what I do for a living, without even knowing my company name people would say I was an angel or they would simply call me Angel.  Holly Angel was born from that. I guess it goes well together, it’s easy to remember and it must make sense to a lot of people because currently more people look me up as “Holly Angel” on the internet than people who look up my actual name. I find it interesting because I’m never certain how to react when parents start calling me their angel, or Holly Angel because it’s an enormous compliment to me.  I don’t feel like an angel all the time, I wish I was but I think it’s because my job is hard and I get tired sometimes after weeks on the road, I only feel like I want to help people and being called an angel is the sweetest sentiment from someone who is depending on me to help save their child from addiction.  I answer to Holly Angel all the time because I don’t like to correct people, my actual name is Holly Conklin but truthfully, I like being an angel. I’m never afraid, I do my job. I’m never afraid because He is with me and I feel like THIS was his plan for me all along so I’ll be Holly Angel if you are looking for me and I’ll do whatever I can to help you, no matter what you call me.