Holly Conklin

Holly Conklin is a Certified Intervention Professional, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Certified Intervention Specialist and Certified Case Management Interventionist Intern.  She has done interventions all over the world including 800 plus successful interventions in 11 years.  Starting an intervention company in 2006, Holly Conklin entered a primarily male dominated […]

Addicted: The Elephant Effect

Have you ever been in a crowd, or a room filled with people and felt as though you didn’t fit in somehow? Differing viewpoints can create that effect. Not everyone will agree on every little thing every single time, that’s for certain but learning how “not to judge” is something […]


Addicted executives may be ready to get help and go to treatment willingly and chose to do so quickly while others may react with anger, agitation, resentment, and feel betrayed by the people who organize and carry out the intervention process.It is impossible to predict how an executive or any […]